invitations are done, need stamps and addresses printed on envelopes

We finally finished assembly on the invitations, so we’ll be printing up addresses on envelopes and applying appropriate postage in the short term. We didn’t take any pictures, but I’ll try to remember to remedy that oversight.

Also, I hope someone got a copy of the book that would be the greatest gift ever to give a person facing a marriage sentence before they’d all disappeared.

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

I am forbidden from discussing the financial details behind the wedding flowers, but I can at least tell about what kinds of flowers may be involved…

Yay! They will be coming from A Bella Mia, the florist I mentioned in an earlier post. They’re a small family-run shop in Norwood and I highly, highly, highly recommend that you utilize their services! Marie is extremely nice and I cannot cannot cannot wait to see what she comes up with for me! I told her to feel free to take artistic liberties… I saw what she’s done for other brides and I was delighted.

The Annikae

There are two Annikas, or perhaps Annikae, who will be flower girls at our wedding. Annika #1 is Annika Julien, 4-year-old daughter of our friends Doug and Miyoung. Annika is smart, beautiful, and a big girl! Annika #2 is my niece Annika Cooper, age (currently) 6 months! She’s a very big baby for six months with big, curious blue eyes and a great deal of vocal projection.

The Annikae shall be dressed in Us Angels:
Style 228: Spaghetti strap dress with Silk bodice and embroidered Organza party skirt. Colors: Kiwi/Pink.

We ordered them last night at Priscilla of Boston. You know, outfitters of famous brides such as Jackie Kennedy. They really do have some beautiful dresses. Some of their dresses look similar to the one that I chose, so I was happy. There was a beautiful veil on display – WAIT! This is about the Annikae! Okay, refocusing.

The Annikae. Yes. Well, Niece Annika is still a little too little to walk, so she’ll be pushed along in a stroller by my sister (if you couldn’t figure it out, my sister is Annika’s mother). Or maybe the other Annika could help her out? Hmmm… I didn’t think about this. They’ll have some manner of throwable thing to toss down on the floor at Byblos. You know, like petals! Hee! Imagine that! They’ll also get to wield some manner of fresh flower, probably in the form of circlets worn on one’s head.

Hotel booking information

Just got off the phone with the sales office at the Marriott. The weddin’ room block is confirmed, as are the rates! I’d mentioned rates a while back, but if you missed them, here they are again:

Courtyard by Marriott; Norwood, MA

$89/night, king
$109/night, two queen beds

To book your reservation for the weddin’, call Central Reservations 1-800-228-9290 for the Courtyard by Marriott in Norwood, MA. Just say that you’re with the Karapetian/Daly wedding and you should get the special rate.

Driving directions are here in terms of getting from the hotel to the ceremony/reception site.

By the way, if a lot of people are planning to come together on the same flight, please let me know! I’ll look into booking a group rate thing with your airline of choice.

Also, in case I didn’t mention, I recommend for those of you travelling by plane to fly into Logan Airport. Don’t bother with Providence – it’s a waste of your time and money. Sure, you’ll save a couple of bucks, but it’s a big pain in the ass to get to/from there. Whatever you save on airfare will be spent on extra travel time.

no promises about ‘crocodile’ dundee 3, however

true story - when we went to see 'crocodile' dundee 2 somewhat recently, the people running the theater didn't understand that it was actually 'crocodile' dundee 3 they were showing and we had to leave because we were excited for 'crocodile' dundee 2 instead

I found a new source of Gocco supplies locally in Boston, but I’m not telling where because I don’t want other aging hipsters to buy up the rest of the stash. I printed the new reply cards last night and we’ve still got to perforate them before we can work on assembly and mailing. Whose idea was this again?

lawl guess who has to make new reply cards

I’ll give a hint – it’s Mara. The reply cards that we’d actually taken pictures of were all made with too many assumptions in place about food options, so we have to redo them all after talking with Maurice at Byblos. (Fun Fact: There are unfounded rumors that some people call him The Space Cowboy, while others call him The Gangster of Love. I do my best to avoid having to address people directly by name, so I haven’t had to call him anything yet.) Now we have to find some fresh Gocco supplies.

What are the ladies wearing?

So far, I’ve got three confirmed bridesmaids who are absolutely super-confirmed to do this crazy thing. Two dresses ordered. Hopefully five ladies in total.

Here is a little collage!


I got the name of a florist from the proprietors of Byblos. They sounded nice on the phone. I am figuring about, uh, maybe up to $600 for flowers. Aieeeee! I figure my bouquet, flowers for the ladies, petals for the Annikae, and then boutonnieres/corsages for family and male attendants. I might try making my own boutonnieres/corsages, I may not. We’ll see. At the dead least there will be some hot bouquet action.

What’s new?

Invitations – almost done. Will address and mail shortly.

Bridesmaids – Char and Prairie have dresses ordered!

That’s about it. I signed a contract with Courtyard by Marriott near the ceremony/reception one-two, but need to confirm with them.

Found out that one of my friends that I knew through my doll hobby passed away yesterday. She was a beneficiary of the Make-a-Wish foundation and an incredibly sweet girl. It’s devastating news.

there’s real flesh under there

three people, no waiting!
mara's dad is looking at the invitations.  what does he see?  the world may never know.
mara liked this picture so now you must do the same
this one was also appreciated by mara.  i think it could use some more cowbell.
the fruits of labor at the PRINT GOCCO WHEEL OF PAIN

We worked on invitations. By ‘we’, I mean me. Mara worked on cutting these the other day. With her mommy. Like a big whiny baby.

Okay, not really, but she did the cutting the other day. Kudos to you, paper cutter Mara! Mara’s mom also cut paper. We didn’t take any pictures of that. It was done after a large dinner and considering we found remnants of that dinner still left behind on the tablecloth TODAY, it’s probably best that there’s no photographic evidence of the occasion.

Mara’s mom also cut more paper today. Cover sheets, primarily. There will be more cutting done tomorrow. I swear this is not going to turn into my self-mutilation blog, but I do admit there’s an awful lot of talk about cutting.

This is my first somewhat serious entry and I promise the next one will be entirely frivolous. Mara was watching over my shoulder and would hit me if I typed anything bad. Right now, she’s in the next room playing with the cat, so I’m free. FREE TO DESTROY!

i don’t have pants yet

Wicket's wife is almost home.

I gotta get me some pants. I mean, I’m wearing pants now, but I might need fancy pants.