Who is the printer of envelopes?

envelope.jpgIt’s me! I am the printer of envelopes! It wasn’t easy, either. Actually, it was not at all easy and it involved me receiving zero help from Hewlett-Packard tech support (who is suprised? Not me!) and then remembered that my people (on my mom’s side) are a people of intuitive troubleshooting, a proud tradition that spans generations of Ukrainians on my mother’s side. They are a people who will not settle for a barely-English response received from HP tech support! Not possible? Not supported? We seldom accept “no” as an answer. We dare to dream the impossible. We never give up! We will exhaust every possible solution to a problem until we find it!

For example, we can try loading the envelopes in a different direction. Victory!

As such, Christian and I printed about 40 envelopes this morning. We still need to get some more addresses together (mainly from Christian’s friends, boo!) and then we can send these bastards out. We also need stamps. I’m hoping for rad Star Wars stamps.

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