The Annikae

There are two Annikas, or perhaps Annikae, who will be flower girls at our wedding. Annika #1 is Annika Julien, 4-year-old daughter of our friends Doug and Miyoung. Annika is smart, beautiful, and a big girl! Annika #2 is my niece Annika Cooper, age (currently) 6 months! She’s a very big baby for six months with big, curious blue eyes and a great deal of vocal projection.

The Annikae shall be dressed in Us Angels:
Style 228: Spaghetti strap dress with Silk bodice and embroidered Organza party skirt. Colors: Kiwi/Pink.

We ordered them last night at Priscilla of Boston. You know, outfitters of famous brides such as Jackie Kennedy. They really do have some beautiful dresses. Some of their dresses look similar to the one that I chose, so I was happy. There was a beautiful veil on display – WAIT! This is about the Annikae! Okay, refocusing.

The Annikae. Yes. Well, Niece Annika is still a little too little to walk, so she’ll be pushed along in a stroller by my sister (if you couldn’t figure it out, my sister is Annika’s mother). Or maybe the other Annika could help her out? Hmmm… I didn’t think about this. They’ll have some manner of throwable thing to toss down on the floor at Byblos. You know, like petals! Hee! Imagine that! They’ll also get to wield some manner of fresh flower, probably in the form of circlets worn on one’s head.

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  1. Connie Says:

    Maybe the first Annika could push second Annika in her stroller?

  2. Vera Says:

    I think Annikae # 2 should wear her crown of baby links (I hope the image below actually shows up).

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