there’s real flesh under there

three people, no waiting!
mara's dad is looking at the invitations.  what does he see?  the world may never know.
mara liked this picture so now you must do the same
this one was also appreciated by mara.  i think it could use some more cowbell.
the fruits of labor at the PRINT GOCCO WHEEL OF PAIN

We worked on invitations. By ‘we’, I mean me. Mara worked on cutting these the other day. With her mommy. Like a big whiny baby.

Okay, not really, but she did the cutting the other day. Kudos to you, paper cutter Mara! Mara’s mom also cut paper. We didn’t take any pictures of that. It was done after a large dinner and considering we found remnants of that dinner still left behind on the tablecloth TODAY, it’s probably best that there’s no photographic evidence of the occasion.

Mara’s mom also cut more paper today. Cover sheets, primarily. There will be more cutting done tomorrow. I swear this is not going to turn into my self-mutilation blog, but I do admit there’s an awful lot of talk about cutting.

This is my first somewhat serious entry and I promise the next one will be entirely frivolous. Mara was watching over my shoulder and would hit me if I typed anything bad. Right now, she’s in the next room playing with the cat, so I’m free. FREE TO DESTROY!

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  1. Aunt Kathy Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in August. Sounds like a great time is about to be had by all. keep in tough

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