Thank you, everybody!

We are so appreciative of everyone coming out and showing us your love and generousity (and while I will not be so vulgar as to name a figure, my, were you all collectively VERY generous) and spending Saturday the 25th of August with us as we embark on our life as a married couple!

One thing that I want to clear up, however, is my married name. My married name is still going to be Mara Karapetian. I’m not going to be changing my last name to Daly. Christian does point out that no matter what I say, I’m still his property and that it doesn’t matter if I change my name or not.

Mr. James Andrews will eventually get back to us with photos and we’ll post those up here when that time comes.

Thank you again, everyone! We will, of course, do better than a blog entry and send cards out very soon.

Much love,
Mara (and Christian who is getting ready to do some errands in the other room).

For those asking where we’re registered…

… it’s at Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.

Meet and Greet at Kowloon Restaurant

For those of you coming in from out of town, we decided to make reservations at Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus for the evening of Friday the 24th! In lieu of a rehearsal dinner, it’s a chance to meet and mingle before Saturday afternoon at noon.

First of all, what Kowloon lacks in quality it makes up for in glorious, campy atmosphere. It is located on Route 1 in Saugus. It’s not terribly far from Logan Airport, actually… but also not terribly close. It is a temple of tacky, the whitest Chinese restaurant around, and it’s the stuff made of legend… tiki torches, flaming drinks, the whole nine yards.

You can look at their website, which includes a collection of photos featuring the various “famous” people who’ve dine there, at this URL:

The reservation is for 7PM and it’s under the name Mara!

We’re booked for the main dining room, and we’ll be having a set menu (Menu #4 on this page).

Please let either me or Christian know if you’ll be there!

We have favors!

Christian was supposed to post this, but instead he is snoring.

Hey, does anyone actually, uh, you know, read this on a regular basis? I ask because I want to take a quick, informal poll of who’s interested in a harbor cruise on Friday? I’m going to make a group reservation for 30, and will post more details here.

Introducing the Wedding Party!!!

Want to learn about the wedding party? Sure you do? Go on, read!

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What to do in Boston

CNN says that you should go visit Spectacle Island, and I know that I sure wouldn’t mind checking it out!

Flowers, take two!

I revised my flower list for the wedding, opting instead for a more streamlined assortment of the following:

Yay, flowers! I love flowers!

What Else Will I Do in the Boston Area?

First off – did you know that our wedding is going to start at noon? We realized that the time isn’t printed on the invitations a while back, so I put the time on the reply card. I wanted to make sure that’s clear.

You have probably wondered what sort of thrills and excitement await you in our lovely city of Boston, Massachusetts. Well, wonder no more! While the Saturday of your visit will be spent indulging us two nerds in our sweet matrimonial goo, you will no doubt be antsy to get the hell away from us. Here is a handy list of things to do in the city that are guaranteed fun, as well as useful local information…

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it’s time to get a bigger boat

oh noes! look out roy!

We’ve started receiving reply cards in the mail and we had to figure out a place to keep them so we don’t lose VALUABLE USER DATA.

Also, we can see fireworks purchased by our neighbors in the greater community outside the window of our home lighting the night sky EVERY NIGHT. It is rad.

Who is the printer of envelopes?

envelope.jpgIt’s me! I am the printer of envelopes! It wasn’t easy, either. Actually, it was not at all easy and it involved me receiving zero help from Hewlett-Packard tech support (who is suprised? Not me!) and then remembered that my people (on my mom’s side) are a people of intuitive troubleshooting, a proud tradition that spans generations of Ukrainians on my mother’s side. They are a people who will not settle for a barely-English response received from HP tech support! Not possible? Not supported? We seldom accept “no” as an answer. We dare to dream the impossible. We never give up! We will exhaust every possible solution to a problem until we find it!

For example, we can try loading the envelopes in a different direction. Victory!

As such, Christian and I printed about 40 envelopes this morning. We still need to get some more addresses together (mainly from Christian’s friends, boo!) and then we can send these bastards out. We also need stamps. I’m hoping for rad Star Wars stamps.