Invitations are coming

We bought the supplies this past weekend and have made exactly zero progress on assembling them! Whoo! There are some plans to work on them Sunday after Yeaster dinner at my parents’ house.

They’re pretty neat, and they’ll be handmade. That’s all I can share right now.

For my bouquet, I’m thinking about bright red ranunculus.

Confirmed: Site/date/time of wedding!!!

August 25, 2007
Byblos Restaurant

Our wedding!!!

Menu items to include sheikh el-mehshi, a chicken dish with pistachios and gravy that I forget the name of, and pumpkin kibbee for the vegetarians and vegans.

I’m working on a room block at the Courtyard in Norwood. Once I sign up a sales agreement with them, our out-of-town guests can reserve rooms at the following rates:

$89/night, king
$109/night, two queen beds

Look, I already mapped out driving directions!

That means disregard the stuff about the Fuller. While we loved the Fuller site, this is a lot more convenient overall. The food is wonderful, the price is right, there’s ample parking, and we think you will all enjoy it and yourselves very much.

Accomplishments of the Day (or weekend, whatever)

My accomplishment of the afternoon thus far is reserving the cafe at the Fuller Craft Museum for August 11 and 18… two successive Saturdays from noon-3PM. Whoo! There can be eating and delight at this time. Yaaaaaaaay!

However, I learned that if we wanted any sort of ceremony, it’d be an extra couple hundred bucks. Boooooooo! Good thing we’ll already be married.

just to be clear on how this will go



My dress!

Look, it is my wedding dress!


Want to see more? Go here!

Because you’ve wondered what the deal is…

A couple of weeks ago, I basically told Christian flat-out that we were getting married this year, and he agreed to this. I’m slowly driving him nuts by changing my mind on how simply we should do things.

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