Introducing the Wedding Party!!!

Want to learn about the wedding party? Sure you do? Go on, read! Prairie is the matron of honor and…

Want to learn about the wedding party? Sure you do? Go on, read!

Prairie is the matron of honor and my BFF. We’ve been friends since 1998. I was the Maid of Honor at her wedding, and now the tables are turned! She is my best pal because she is honest, reliable, smart, talented, and can kick your ass. She likes soccer a whole lot and gets on TV like every single week along with her husband and our good friend Mike. She has a characteristic birthmark and a more characteristic purple bit in her hair. Want to know something? Ask Prairie. She seriously knows everything. She was a triple-major in college and got her Masters in Library Science from Simmons in one year when it normally takes two. Naturally, it makes sense that she’s a librarian because she walks around with that big huge brain, absorbing everything. She knows tons of dirty jokes, curses like a sailor, and cleans up real nice.

Andrea is a bridesmaid and is a friend from college! We have been friends since 1996, when she decided that I was clearly the coolest person around because I had a Sailor Chibi Moon keychain on my backpack. Andrea has broken a man’s jaw, disarmed a kid with a gun, and also used to be in a gang. She is tough! She is really good in a crisis because she doesn’t freak out – she just calmly, patiently solves your problem. Andrea’s good for telling you all kinds of wacky secrets about herself. She has a lot of useful knowledge – field dressing an animal, gutting a fish, fixing cars, and accounting! She is sort of Rasputin-like in that she gets bizarre illnesses/ailments and survives them all.

Charlene is often referred to as the hottest of my female friends. She has a high-powered job in the world of costuming and has so much talent that I think it comes out of her pores at night. She loves the color orange, cats, sparkly things, history, and can sew you a new skin that looks better than your old one. Char is also incredibly smart and is always pushing herself to do her best and give everything her all. Like me, she also shares a love of low-brow humor. Char is a great friend to talk to when you need a boost in spirits because she’s so positive and supportive when you need it. She can also surprise you with little anecdotes about her time in the Army, like learning that this very outwardly feminine girly-girl could field strip her weapon in record time.

Maggie and I met a couple years ago because of our mutual enjoyment of robots, anime, fashion, and art. She used to live so far up north in Massachusetts that she was practically in New Hampshire, but now she’s back in her hometown of Philly and oh, do I miss her terribly. She’s extremely peppy, motivated, energetic, and optimistic. She also has a really infectious giggle and also can be pretty low-brow. She uses funny voices when talking. She’s also the only person who I can stand reading poetry from in the entire world, as she’s a most gifted writer. She will do some dances for you and clean your house without being asked. I love you, Maggie!

Rhonda is my friend from work! She’s the most normal of all my friends, too, as she comes from the Midwest and is the only friend listed here that I didn’t meet as a result of my interest in Japanese animation. She is another friend who knows a great deal about many topics! It’s that much more fun when I get to tell her about things like furries and cosplay drama and such. She’s kind, sensitive, and has a good sense of humor. She’s the sort of person that you would be lucky to call a friend as she will happily bend over backwards for you! She’s very considerate and is a great listening ear. We are also occasional exercise buddies, too, as we have similar goals (though we can easily be sidetracked).

The two “bridesmaids in spirit” are Julie and Wednesday. Julie had a baby not too long ago, and Weds has immigration issues.

The Annikae have been introduced in a previous post. This concludes your introduction to the bride’s team, so now let’s meet Team Groomsmen!

Brad’s real name is actually Brian, but we don’t call him Brian. He’s really Brad. He and Christian have been best friends since kindergarten. They’re sort of like R2-D2 and C3PO… Christian’s R2 and Brad is C3PO, the straight man who is kind of high-strung. What can I tell you about Brad? He’s extremely neat. He likes to smell the pages of books. He will play though a video game ENTIRELY, making sure he hits every level and gets every single secret item possible. The result is that he has something like a three-year backlog of new games to play. He drives an ostentatious car and wears pricey name-brand clothes, which is pretty much the polar opposite of Christian’s clothes philosophy. I sometimes get scared that Christian and Brad will run away with each other.

Mike is Prairie’s husband. He’s an honorary usher. He’s large and has a large voice. Ha ha, I’m not going to tell you anything else about Mike! Go read his blog. I’ve spent an hour writing this and I should go do something else.

IN THE NEXT ENTRY: I will tell you about Mike and Carol, the officiators of the ringin’ ceremony!

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