Thank you, everybody!

We are so appreciative of everyone coming out and showing us your love and generousity (and while I will not be so vulgar as to name a figure, my, were you all collectively VERY generous) and spending Saturday the 25th of August with us as we embark on our life as a married couple!

One thing that I want to clear up, however, is my married name. My married name is still going to be Mara Karapetian. I’m not going to be changing my last name to Daly. Christian does point out that no matter what I say, I’m still his property and that it doesn’t matter if I change my name or not.

Mr. James Andrews will eventually get back to us with photos and we’ll post those up here when that time comes.

Thank you again, everyone! We will, of course, do better than a blog entry and send cards out very soon.

Much love,
Mara (and Christian who is getting ready to do some errands in the other room).

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