Because you’ve wondered what the deal is…

A couple of weeks ago, I basically told Christian flat-out that we were getting married this year, and he agreed to this. I’m slowly driving him nuts by changing my mind on how simply we should do things.

Yesterday, I was freaking out because I’ve got a dress, but we’ve got no venue. We wanted to get married on July 13 or thereabouts. However, we’ve discovered that Christian’s mom is in no way available on that day. As such, we’re thinking that what we’ll do is go to whatever courthouse will take us on 7/13 (which is to say any) and then we’ll have a reception or “renewal of vows” or something like that in August.

Anyhow, we have finalized our stance on the following things:

  • We are having a Donkey Kong wedding cake from Rosie’s, and we’ve even chosen the flavors and everything
  • No religion is to find its way into our ceremony
  • No rings, no me being given away by my father, no awful crap like smashing cake into each other’s faces
  • I gots a dress (well, not so much a stance as a firm decision)
  • No doing stuff beyond our means

That’s about all I got.

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